We hope to offer every couple exactly what they need to help them prepare and enjoy the entirety of their wedding, elopement, micro-wedding, etc!

Our packages include the basic idea of the services available at every tier. We can customize your package to fit your needs.

The Summit

Full wedding planning services in the captivating landscapes of Colorado encapsulate the exquisite art of crafting a wedding experience that celebrates your love story in harmony with the state’s natural beauty. It begins with a free consultation, where dreams, budgets, and priorities . The journey unfolds as we meticulously manage your wedding budget, curate a symphony of local vendors, and assist in selecting a venue that mirrors Colorado’s grandeur.

The heart of our services lies in the meticulous planning process, where themes are meticulously crafted to pay homage to Colorado’s splendor, and timelines are choreographed to ensure each moment flows seamlessly. As your special day approaches, we become the conductors of this symphony, ensuring every detail is orchestrated flawlessly.

Our guidance extends beyond the day itself, encompassing guest lists, the unique legal requirements of Colorado, and expertly navigating accommodations for destination weddings within Colorado’s magnificent settings. We are your steadfast companions throughout this journey.

And as your special day becomes a cherished memory, our commitment endures. We assist in post-wedding wrap-up and offer additional services like creating cherished photo albums and heartfelt thank-you notes. With full wedding planning services in Colorado, we are dedicated to ensuring your wedding planning journey is as exquisite as your love story, with every element masterfully and beautifully designed to embrace the magnificence of Colorado.”

Starting at $4000

The Altitude

In the breathtaking state of Colorado, elopement packages take advantage of the state’s stunning natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for couples who want an intimate wedding experience surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and picturesque landscapes. A Colorado elopement package often includes services like helping couples choose from the state’s numerous scenic locations, acquiring permits for these venues, and connecting them with experienced officiants who are familiar with local regulations.

Moreover, given Colorado’s diverse and dramatic landscapes, elopement packages require the best referrals for professional photography and videography to capture the beauty of the ceremony against the backdrop of majestic mountains, serene lakes, or lush forests. We will assist in finding elements that are important to you and are emblematic of Colorado, such as wildflower bouquets, locally sourced artisanal cakes, and perhaps a celebratory toast with the region’s fine wines or craft beers. Elopement packages in Colorado provide an extraordinary opportunity for couples to exchange vows in a truly remarkable natural setting, offering an intimate and memorable experience in the heart of the Rockies.

Starting at $2500

The Climb

Partial wedding planning services offer couples a flexible and expert-guided approach to wedding planning. They involve an initial consultation to understand the couple’s vision and budget, assist in selecting and booking essential vendors, manage the wedding budget, create a detailed timeline, provide design and decor suggestions, and offer logistical support on the wedding day. Couples can customize the level of involvement based on their specific needs, benefiting from professional expertise while enjoying a more stress-free wedding planning experience. These services strike a balance between hands-on assistance and allowing the couple to be as involved as they desire, ensuring a well-organized and memorable wedding day.

Starting at $2000

The Trailhead

A Day-of Coordination wedding package is designed to provide couples with essential support on their wedding day. This service typically includes an initial consultation to understand the couple’s plans and preferences. On the wedding day, the coordinator takes charge of managing all logistical aspects, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This encompasses overseeing vendor setup, coordinating the ceremony, and managing the timeline, from the procession to the reception. The Day-of Coordinator acts as the point person for any unforeseen issues, allowing the couple to relax and fully enjoy their special day without the stress of managing the details.

Additionally, this package often includes a final review of all plans and schedules, as well as confirming details with vendors in advance. It is an excellent option for couples who have handled most of the planning themselves but want professional assistance to execute their vision seamlessly on the day of the wedding. With a Day-of Coordination package, couples can have peace of mind that their wedding day will be well-organized, stress-free, and memorable.

Starting at $1200